Taking It Down Podcast – Episode 10 – HBO’s Watchmen and Tuscaloosa’s Egan’s

Where has Watchmen gone right and Egan's gone wrong? Listen to Episode Ten!

Taking It Down is back this week for a big, drama-filled Episode Ten. Host Blaine gathers with Adam Morrow in an attempt to parse out the ongoings of HBO’s new masterful series Watchmen. In the second half of the podcast, Kevin Halbrook, host of Where is the Line?, sits in to discuss the infamous Tuscaloosa dive bar Egan’s and what has gone wrong there. You can read a bit of background on what’s been happening with Egan’s both here and here from Blaine and head writer Trey Irby, respectively, where both give their perspective on the recent online debacle.


So it’s Episode Ten and we’re all about Watchmen and Egan’s! We hope you join in, give it a listen, and let us know what you think.

As always, you can use the embedded player above to listen, but if you have a chance: rate, subscribe, and review on your podcast provider; that’s especially helpful on Apple Podcasts.

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Taking It Down

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Host: Blaine Duncan

Guests: Adam Morrow, Kevin Halbrook

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