Taking It Down 112: Listener of the Week, Licorice Pizza, and Moon Knight

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It’s about time that Taking It Down has returned, for there is much to discuss: we award our first Listener of the Week (3:27) before talking about social media and Harry Styles (3:58). From there, we give broad, spoiler-free thoughts on the teaser trailer to the upcoming HBO show House of the Dragon (8:35), which is a spinoff of the famed Game of Thrones, and the newest season of the FX show Atlanta (11:21).

Before the break, Adam breaks down his thoughts on Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest movie Licorice Pizza (15:25). To wrap the show, everyone discusses what they like and don’t like about the Disney+ show Moon Knight, which stars Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke (25:05).

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All this and a little more in this week’s episode of Taking It Down!

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