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About Us

The Alabama Take is a podcast network and a site for essays on movies, music, books, television, games, sports, politics, and culture from a few of Alabama’s best and worst writers, thinkers, artists, and miscreants.

The Alabama Take wishes to be inclusive and welcoming. We embrace additions to our growing list of contributors and podcasters. If you wish to write for the site or produce podcasts with The Alabama Take, let us know. All are welcome to find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or simply email

For our online talk show Short Takes and several of the podcasts in the network, be sure to check out the YouTube channel.

The Alabama Take Staff

Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Blaine Duncan

Co-Founder, Editor, & Podcast Manager
TD Wood

Editor & Podcast Manager
Corey Hannah

Head Writer & Podcast Manager
Patrick Akers

Head Writer & Music Director
Kori Hensell

Head Writer
Samantha Simmons

Staff Writer & Podcast Manager
Adam Morrow

Staff Writers
Kelly Duncan
Ty Edmondson
Claire Griffin
Trey Irby
Laura Lott
Brett Shores Neale
Arlie Oldacre
Jeremy Satcher
W.T. Whatley

Podcast Managers
Greg Bosworth
Hayden Crawford
Jaimee Hannah
Josh Kavanaugh
Natalie Morrow
Donovan Reinwald

Featured Writer
Brian Oliu

Caleb R. Johnson