The Staredown | As the Coaching Carousel Turns...Part 1 | Episode 14

Welcome to the point of the football season where you must be at least 48" tall, have no heart issues, and be prepared to be buckled in tightly so you aren't thrown for a complete loop for the rest of the ride. The Coaching Carousel (aka "Jimmy Sexton Gets Paid" Season) is on the tracks, has moved away from the platform and is hitting it's first big upside down loopty-loop. Hang on boys and girls, we're gonna be taking a few more loops and sharp turns before it's done.

Next, I discuss the death of Adam Johnson. What does suspicion of manslaughter mean in the UK? Is that different from the US? I have no idea but let me know if you know someone who can help us because this is going to be a big story in how hockey is played world wide.

Then we move on to Charissa Thompson and her admitting that she lied on sideline reports during football games. Between that admission of guilt and the NCAA denying JMU a postseason waiver, I am on my soap box. It's ridiculous how those who claim to care about something in words don't show the same level of care in action...

Finally, we wrap up with a reminder about the 2nd Annual Chucky Mullins Thanksgiving Dinner for Oxford Housing Authority. You can find info on the flyer below!
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Mallory McCormack
Mallory McCormack
Host of The Staredown