The Staredown Episode 3: SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!

Guess who's back?! Your favorite Rebel in Bama! And today I've got all kinds of opinions for you. But first, let me ask you a question. Who runs the world?? I know most of you are probably going to say GIRLS! And according to Beyonce (and one of my favorite songs ever) you would be correct. But I think the better answer is money! Or those with money since I did ask who not what.

I could go on a tirade with all that is wrong with the world and money and more specifically college athletics and money but instead of you reading that, go listen to today's episode and hear me go on a tirade.

First up, it's our favorite QB that you love to hate or hate to love or both. That's right, Johnny F***ing Football himself, Johnny Manziel. This week Netflix released a new episode of the docuseries "Untold" that deals with JFF's rise and fall. Personally I believe that he single handedly was the last piece of the puzzle to come along and force the college football landscape to change into what we know it as now. Why can't players get paid for their name, image or likeness? Why do the fat cats keep getting fatter and fatter and the ones with the jerseys on their back keep rummaging for scraps to entertain the fat cats? Share the wealth y'all! As much as I hate it, every player getting NIL money needs to say thanks to Mr. Manziel. But don't share with him. He may go on another $5M bender and I'm not sure TMZ is up to the task of keeping up with that. (Also, please enjoy my total soap box tirade of how awful Mark Emmert is. I hope he forever wears the scarlet letters NIL on his shirt with Urban Meyer leading him around the town square screaming "Shame! Shame! Shame!")

Next up, we have the hottest of hot topics, conference realignment. This mess is just that. A mess. And the crazy part about it is, we've seen it coming. The Longhorn Network was the first domino to fall. Now it's all about who can team up to be the biggest, badest and richest to rule them all. I expect an NFL-like set up before too long. Not 2 conferences, maybe 4 and then divisions within each. It's gonna be wild y'all but it's happening. Also if it does happen this way just know I told my friend Tim this scenario in August 2022. He can vouch for me. Just don't ask for lotto numbers. If I knew them, I wouldn't be typing this, I'd be having someone else type it for me.

Third on my list of topics, the USWNT. I'm not going to bash anyone. I'm proud to say that our team made it out of group play yet again and then made it to the round of 16. Granted, it was the worst finish for them EVER (seriously, ever) but it's still better than the USMNT. I've always been a cheer for the Americans type of person and that is no different here. Ladies, enjoy splitting that insane amount of money the men earned for making it to the same spot in their World Cup last year. Y'all deserve it.

Finally, we wrap up with what is quite possibly the most horrible, disgusting, dispicable thing I have ever seen in terms of stealing from the poor to feed the rich. That's right, everyone's favorite Golden Eagle Cheese Head, Brett Favre. Mississippi's top 3 favorite sons has done her and her people dirty yall. And I'm outraged. You'll probably enjoy me getting a little bit of what my husband refers to as my Missippi accent (yes, I spelled that correctly in terms of how it's said phonetically by natives). But I'm not letting this go. I would like to revoke his Mississippi citizenship and ship his @$$ to Florida.

This is the first week that we're starting a weekly cadence with releases and I hope you enjoy it. Check back next week to see what is grinding my gears or making me laugh. I have a feeling it will be NFL related since you know, Fantasy Leagues, Hard Knocks, and pre-season games are happening! Until then, remember to sit back, relax, have a drink or two and listen to THE STAREDOWN!

Also go check out Anna Wolfe's reporting on the Mississippi Welfare scandal at

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Mallory McCormack
Mallory McCormack
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