The Staredown, Episode 5: The 4 Cs

Well y'all, we made it. Or at least I did. What a week it has been. We got delayed in Boston for an extra day and that just threw off my whole week. But have no fear, I powered through the tired and have some topics that obviously deserved my attention, so let's jump right in.

First, how dare we think the Women's World Cup was going to end with any major controversy?! I mean, it is the Women's world cup and goodness knows we're just all dramatic and shit. But wait, what's that you say? It was a MAN doing something to a female that she didn't consent to? Yeah, right. (Please pick up my sarcasm here). I'm interested to see how this plays out and in the few hours between recording and editing we already have an update that FIFA has suspended Luis Rubiales provisionally for 90 days. This should make for a fun disciplinary hearing. Stay tuned...

Next up we have Reggie Bush and the news that he filed a defamation lawsuit against the NCAA and is asking for them to reinstate his records so he can reclaim his Heisman. NCAA, you know what to do...just reinstate the damn records already. You'll never be able to erase what he did, so let him have it. But good on you Reggie! Hold Mark E. accountable.

Sadly, I have to admit I watched all 4 episodes of "Swamp Kings." It was so bad when it had the potential to be so good. I like Chris Rainey and Brandon Spikes and wish we had more of their truth instead of a little of their truth sprinkled with devil's spin (I'm looking at you Urban Meyer!). Also, can we get Tebow a voice coach? That weird whisper voice made my stomach churn.

Finally, we get to the good stuff! Blair Griffith & Maddy Summerfield (sorry I called you Maddy Summer on the podcast!) along with Karen Hinton join me to discuss eMpower, a new giving initiative launched by the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation (or OMAF if you're cool). It's the first of it's kind (as far as we can tell) that supports capital giving specifically for women's athletics and women's athletics facilities.

As I wrap up with a new segment called "Don't Flinch" (shout out to my boy Earl for the idea), I want to say thanks to everyone who has supported this crazy little dream I had. In the big scheme of things I know I'm just a little short fry in the world of waffle fries when it comes to podcasts, but we're growing and that's because of all of you. So thank you!

Tune in next week where you start to have your ears bleed from all of the football excitement I'm going to bring.

Here are the links to Blair, Maddy, & Karen's walk out songs. Sorry to pick on you Blair, you know I think you rock!
Mallory McCormack
Mallory McCormack
Host of The Staredown