The Staredown |The M Cubed Network| Episode 11

Look, I don't know that y'all are ready for this but it's here. I know it's been a while since an episode dropped and I'm hoping you'll forgive me, but this one is worth it. Why is that? Because today you have not only me, but my Ole Miss friend Meagan and her sister Mallory. That's right, two Mallorys. And to make things even stranger, before I got married and made my maiden name my middle name, my name was Mallory Magen. How the world didn't explode on Sunday night when we recorded this I'll never know.

These two are awesome and could totally be twins. They love sports and traveling and traveling to watch sports. Also, we decide that we could be the female version of The Manning Cast and I'm here for it! So let's get #TheMCubedNetwork trending y'all!

In this week's Don't Flinch, I talk about an incredible athletic director making waves and putting her anchor down in history.

So you know what to do...sit back, relax, grab a drink or two, and listen to The Staredown!

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Mallory McCormack
Mallory McCormack
Host of The Staredown