Big Thief and Euphoria's Sixth Episode
The Alabama TakeFebruary 22, 202200:41:38

Big Thief and Euphoria's Sixth Episode

This week on Taking It Down, Blaine recounts a moment in his own home that usually is reserved for television shows or movies as he and the wife were catching up on The Righteous Gemstones (2:09). After that, the three hosts talk briefly on the future of The Alabama Take in general (4:02).

Then in the main segments, Adam helps break down what makes the new Big Thief album -- Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You -- such a masterpiece (8:21). After the break, it's a long talk on the comedown of the sixth episode of Euphoria (29:58).

A programing note: Taking It Down will be off on March 1st, but will return to its weekly format after the break.

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