'Masters of the Air' and Its Predecessors; Plus, How Good Is 'True Detective: Night Country' Now?
The Alabama TakeFebruary 06, 202400:42:54

'Masters of the Air' and Its Predecessors; Plus, How Good Is 'True Detective: Night Country' Now?

To begin, it's a quick question on the Expats on Amazon Prime (1:27), before shifting into Masters of the Air on Apple TV+ to land on how it holds up thus far against its predecessors from HBO (4:02). The hosts ask Donovan why he watches Bluey (20:38) before Donovan and Blaine break down "Part Three" of True Detective: Night Country to uncover just how good it is at its halfway point and to question if it leans to heavily into one particular aspect the first season may have avoided (24:07).

At 5:00 p.m. CST on Tuesdays, you can watch the the weekly YouTube video segment, which has the group discussing how bad this season is of The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion as well as the dominating performance of the elimination winner.


The TV show Masters of the Air has received mixed reviews, with some praising its portrayal of World War II and others finding it lacking compared to previous war-themed series. The animated children's show Bluey has garnered a following among both kids and adults, with its relatable characters and heartwarming stories. The hosts express their opinions on various TV shows and highlight the importance of personal preferences when it comes to entertainment. The discussion of True Detective: Night Country "Part 3: provides insights and analysis of the episode, showcasing the hosts' engagement with the series. The show could potentially continue as an anthology series, exploring different themes and characters in each season. The portrayal of women in the series is complex and highlights their strength and resilience. Flashbacks provide insight into characters' pasts and relationships. Living in darkness for extended periods can have a significant impact on mental health. Unresolved threads, such as the trailer and effigy, leave room for further exploration in future episodes. The destruction of nature by human activities may be connected to the emergence of ancient horror.

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