On 'The Challenge: Battle For a New Chanpion': When Jay Cries, We All Win | Taking It Down | Ep 185
The Alabama TakeJanuary 23, 202400:20:10

On 'The Challenge: Battle For a New Chanpion': When Jay Cries, We All Win | Taking It Down | Ep 185

-n this week's companion video segment from the Taking It Down podcast, Blaine, Adam, and Natalie discuss recent episodes of 'The Challenge.' They cover topics such as game manipulation, competitor strategies, cracks in alliances, Jay's behavior, Kylan's hair, CT's appearance, and the anticipation for All Stars 4. They also celebrate Asaf's elimination and discuss CT's unintentional squashing of beef. The conversation ends with a conclusion and a reminder to watch the audio version of the show, which you can find in any podcast app or directly on The Alabama Take.

-Game manipulation and strategy play a significant role in 'The Challenge.'
-Jay's behavior and comments have made him insufferable to watch.
-Kyland's hair and likability have been topics of discussion among viewers.
-CT's appearance and future on the show have generated excitement and speculation.
-The anticipation for All Stars 4 is high, and viewers are eager for its release.

00:00 - Introduction and YouTube Segment
01:13 - Recap of Previous Episode
02:11 - Anger over Game Manipulation
03:00 - Discussion on Competitors' Strategies
04:16 - Cracks in the Alliance
05:23 - Jay's Insufferable Behavior
06:41 - Kyland's Hair and Likability
09:54 - Mini Final and Jay's Team
10:56 - Jay's Negative Comments about Kyland
11:39 - CT's Appearance and Future on the Show
13:11 - Annoyance with the Season
15:51 - Anticipation for All Stars 4
18:40 - Impatience for All Stars 4
18:57 - Celebrating Asaf's Elimination
19:49 - CT's Fairness and Future Rivalries
21:04 - CT's Unintentional Squashing of Beef
21:34 - Conclusion

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