Taking It Down On Video: Twin Peaks - Part Three
The Alabama TakeApril 17, 202400:14:47

Taking It Down On Video: Twin Peaks - Part Three

This week! It's back to the pilot of 'Twin Peaks'! They discuss various elements of the pilot, including the population of the town, the deep layers of the story, the distinct style of horror, the theme music (see the link below), and the opening scenes. They also talk about the characters, the emotional moments, and the eerie atmosphere created by director David Lynch. The conversation ends with a preview of the next episode.

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Angelo Baldamenti explains how he wrote the music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-eqgr_gn4k

00:00 Digging Deep into the Pilot of Twin Peaks
05:14 The Surprising Opening Character of Twin Peaks

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