The Danger of Customs in 'Shōgun'; Plus, 'Manhunt' and '3 Body Problem'
The Alabama TakeMarch 26, 202400:37:27

The Danger of Customs in 'Shōgun'; Plus, 'Manhunt' and '3 Body Problem'

This week on Taking It Down, Blaine begins with a quick, non-spoiler thought on Netflix's The Gentlemen (2:59). From there, he discusses without spoiling Manhunt from Apple TV+ (3:16) and 3 Body Problem on Netflix with no spoilers (5:47). After a hello from Adam, the two give some non-spoiler thoughts on Shōgun overall (8:39) before discussing TV's odd schedule (9:44). From there, they discuss Shōgun's fifth episode "Broken To The Fist," which has spoilers from that point forward (11:24).

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