'The Mandalorian' Was a Bust, 'Ted Lasso' Is At Halfway, and 'Barry' Begins Its End
The Alabama TakeApril 25, 202300:40:41

'The Mandalorian' Was a Bust, 'Ted Lasso' Is At Halfway, and 'Barry' Begins Its End

With so much TV, a lot of which is promising, we run down some ideas on what to watch (2:43). Then Natalie gives a few spoiler-free thoughts on The Challenge: World Championships (3:58). It's a lot of bemoaning when it comes to the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 (5:07) as well as the planned series for Harry Potter (5:46) from HBO.

From there, the crew dissect what a bust the entire season of The Mandalorian was (6:35) before talking about the hits and misses of this third season of Ted Lasso as it enters its halfway point (22:26).

To end, it's plenty of analysis and laughs on how Barry may be the best thing on TV -- Donovan and Blaine discuss the first two episodes of the HBO show's fourth and final season (30:54).

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