The Nostalgia of Reading with a Documentary and 'Dark Matter' on Apple TV+
The Alabama TakeMay 28, 202400:48:02

The Nostalgia of Reading with a Documentary and 'Dark Matter' on Apple TV+

This week, Taking it Down begins with some thoughts on the next episode, which will be the 200th of the podcast (1:26)! How can you get in on the action?

After that, Blaine gives final thoughts on 'Sugar' from Apple TV+ with no spoilers now that it has ended its run (2:08) as well as a check-in with no spoilers on 'Under the Bridge,' which is nearing its final installment (3:51). After everyone joins the show, the question is, how do we feel now that Bob Dylan is 83 (6:02)? It's TV talk from there. The crew begin talking about 'Dark Matter' and its first two episodes without spoilers before breaking down some specifics of what makes it a good show (9:36). After the break, it's the documentary now on Netflix titled 'Butterfly in the Sky: The Story of Reading Rainbow,' which has the crew reminiscing on both 'Reading Rainbow' and poignant stories on reading itself (23:05). You won't want to miss the ending.

00:00 Exploring TV Shows and Documentaries
08:24 The Legacy of Bob Dylan and Literature
10:21 Themes of Home and Alternate Realities
24:04 The Impact of 'Reading Rainbow'
27:47 Challenges in Education and the Love for Reading
28:45 Nostalgia and Personal Experiences with Reading
36:01 The Influence of Role Models and Childhood Reading Experiences

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