This Lame Cast of The Challenge!
The Alabama TakeDecember 12, 202300:12:46

This Lame Cast of The Challenge!

This week for the YouTube segment, the hosts discuss various topics including Dr. Who, Charlie Brown Christmas, and The Challenge. They also analyze the cast of The Challenge and discuss Melissa's drink throw. The conversation concludes with some miscellaneous topics.

-Some excitement about the 60th anniversary of Dr. Who and plan to watch the anniversary specials.
-They discuss the cast of The Challenge and express their desire for more interesting and entertaining contestants.
-Melissa's drink throw on The Challenge is seen as a highlight of the season and a moment of excitement.
-The hosts wrap up the conversation with some miscellaneous topics and banter.
00:00 - Introduction and Odds and Ends
02:50 - Discussion about Dr. Who and Charlie Brown Christmas
03:46 - Recap of The Challenge
08:32 - Melissa's Drink Throw and Cast Analysis
11:18 - Wrap-up and Miscellaneous Topics

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