What Happened to 'How To With John Wilson' and How 'The Challenge: USA' Became Great TV
The Alabama TakeAugust 29, 202300:33:02

What Happened to 'How To With John Wilson' and How 'The Challenge: USA' Became Great TV

After nearly the entire month of August on a break, the entire crew of Taking It Down is back to reflect on the passing of Bob Barker first, as well as offer thoughts on celebrity deaths of late (2:16). After that, the major segments begin with a breakdown of how the HBO series How To With John Wilson has dipped in quality. After a break, the crew discuss how The Challenge: USA on CBS became as good as its predecessor on MTV and why everyone should be watching it (15:17).

If you're a fan of video podcasts, the YouTube channel for The Alabama Take has an extended version the episode, found below as well, with bonus discussions on who's the Listener of the Week for the final time this year, why he deserves it, and how Ahsoka on Disney+ does a balancing act that many people need it to do. And we pepper in just a touch of dumb college football talk when it comes to jet lag, as a TV and streaming podcast should.

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