What To Make Of 'Saltburn' and the Recently on 'Fargo' | Episode 184
The Alabama TakeJanuary 09, 202400:38:40

What To Make Of 'Saltburn' and the Recently on 'Fargo' | Episode 184

For the episode this week, the entire crew gathers to determine just what to make of the Amazon Prime film Saltburn (1:46) and Donovan and Blaine break down the direction of the two most recent episodes of Fargo, "Linda" and "Blanket" (22:20).

For extra footage, the YouTube channel for The Alabama Take has even more from Taking It Down. This week, the extra YouTube video has the crew returning to their weekly coverage of The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion and some focused griping as well as thoughts on how the show could improve.

Summary This week, the first segment is all about Saltburn from Amazon Prime. It covers various themes, comparisons to other films, opinions on the movie, debate on the controversial scenes, unscripted moments, nostalgic music, age and experience, critiques of it, class argument, implications, analysis of a scene, domino effect in the movie, and the performance of the actors. The second segment has a deep dive into "Blankets," the recent episode of Fargo.


The controversial scenes in the movie sparked a debate among the participants. The movie was compared to other films, with a focus on the cast and performances. Opinions on the movie varied, with some participants enjoying it despite the controversial scenes. The class argument in the movie was discussed, with differing views on its effectiveness. The movie had moments of unscripted improvisation, which added to the overall experience. The plot and believability of certain aspects of the movie were critiqued. The performance of the actors, particularly Jacob Elordi, was praised. Different interpretations of the movie's themes and messages were explored. The use of nostalgic music and its impact on the viewing experience was discussed. The conversation concluded with mixed feelings about the movie and its overall quality. The two recent episodes of Fargo.
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