The Alabama Take Podcast – Episode 3 – John Paul White

Photo Credit : Bliss Wade

John Paul White is a Grammy-winning artist that calls Florence, Alabama home. In this episode, we lament the deaths of Tom Petty & Prince as well as cover all sorts of ground about his background growing up in the Muscle Shoals music scene. He talks about learning how to make a name for yourself in the shadows of the great musicians from the area and how he learned from them in the process.

If you’ve ever wondered how a boy who is originally from Loretto, TN became a die-hard Detroit Tigers fan, you’ll learn all about that as well.

Listen below:


John Paul White’s website

Twitter and Instagram : @thealabamatake

1 comment on “The Alabama Take Podcast – Episode 3 – John Paul White

  1. Christopher Howard

    Thanks Corey! These podcast are awesome!.

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