The Alabama Take Podcast – Episode 21 – Red Mouth

Red Mouth is on the podcast this week! We learn where he got the name and go in depth about the recording of several of his records. We also discuss his recent announcement of his retirement from music and if he thinks it will last or not.

Listen here:

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Twitter and Instagram : @thealabamatake


1 comment on “The Alabama Take Podcast – Episode 21 – Red Mouth

  1. Mickey Richey

    hey cuz love your pod. need to get Max Russell on here sometime. oh yeah and Don Srygly. both great dudes and local jammers. I’m Mickey Richey, use to play guitar in 89 for Stained Mecca. Me Charles Chris Howard on Bass and John Williams and Pat Thrasher on drums. great days. Days of the Ditch punk rockers in Tuscumbia i’d love to tell ya bout back when Florence was dry. See ya round mane.


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