H*ck Auburn, And LSU, And Donald Trump Too

As the insert to the song goes...

With the announcement of Donald J. Treason coming to the LSU-Alabama game, Tuscaloosa finds itself split.

In what is definitively not a desperate trip to a state with some of his highest approval ratings to heal his bruised ego after being booed at not one, but two sporting events, our Poo-Poo-Head-in-Chief may divide us on a weekend we should all stand united against LSU. Unfortunately, those of us whose very existences are politicized cannot enjoy what should be a weekend of us kicking ass. LGBTQ+ folks and other minorities in Tuscaloosa are going to be face to face with a man who has worked to make our lives harder. While it would be nice to not get involved with politics, that is a luxury many of us cannot afford. 

Pro- and anti-Trump orders seem to be filing in for buttons, t-shirts, and velvet tracksuits, making it unclear whether Trump will be met with praise or protest. Likely, it will be both. That’s sort of the way the world works. 

Anti-Trump activists have raised money to bring the glorious Baby Trump blimp to Tuscaloosa in protest. The fundraising goal was met in roughly 12 hours, with the money that surpassed the goal going to the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery. Plans are to set up the blimp within several blocks of the stadium.

Pro-Trump activists are probably doing something stupid like getting MAGA hats or kicking homeless people. I don’t know. I’m sure we’ll all look at them and collectively say, “Ok, boomer” whenever they open their mouth to inevitably say something racist, xenophobic, or otherwise bigoted. 

Regardless, this weekend is sure to be an eventful one. Between the regular LSU-Bama fights that are to be expected and the skirmishes that could come with protests, I’m sure TPD will be busy.


Stay safe out there, friends. 

1 comment on “H*ck Auburn, And LSU, And Donald Trump Too

  1. As a brown Trump supporting lesbian, this was pretty funny.


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