Takes on College Football: Against the Spread, Rivalry Week

Rivals will go down, rivals will win.

Week Fourteen — Rivalry Week — is already in full swing with Thanksgiving’s piss-hot Egg Bowl. Everything will work itself out, or it won’t. It’s likely the sport will have to sort through one more week of championship games to determine exactly who will be going to the coveted College Football Playoffs, though. Let’s give it one more try in our penultimate week of picks: here are our best guess at the best bets with the lowest stress. Here are our college football picks of the week!

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Kansas State


2019 ATS Record
Blaine Duncan:
25-13-1 (Week Thirteen: 3-0)
TD Wood: 15-22-2 (Week Thirteen: 1-2)

Blaine Duncan
Holy shit. My cat Piper sure can pick ’em. Once I turned it all over to her two weeks ago after being frustrated over consecutive 1-2 weeks, she’s gone 6-0! Take that Bear, from ESPN Sporting Events! It’s Rivalry Week, folks! I have no idea what will happen! Let’s just put the ball back in Piper’s paws once again even if the pool of Saturday games are a bit limited.

Wisconsin (-2.5) at Minnesota: I’ve seen gophers on TV and I’ve seen badgers on TV and that’s all I need to know. I don’t care that these Gophers have home field advantage. When it comes to fighting for food, the only thing that matters is who is tougher! And Badgers are tougher! Trust me! That Animal Planet channel don’t lie! I will win this pick and when I do, I’ll wonder why I don’t get as many Iams as my sisters. They steal mine!

Iowa State at Kansas State (+5): My human Blaine has really liked betting on these two teams. So have I! Wildcats are just like me: considered not having a chance at home, but just like me, these Kansas State Wildcats have fought and fought and fought. I like for them to be close in the game but for the Cyclones to eventually win by rolling them over and attacking their belly. I’ll get this pick correct and will then look for a spot to hide from my sisters so that I can pounce on them to scare them silly!

Cal at UCLA (+1): Someone told me that these are called “home dogs” when you pick those teams that aren’t predicted to win when they are fighting at home. Why can’t they be “home cats”? I like the Bruins to win this one. I don’t care if Cal is supposed to be on a one-game winning streak and the Bruins are down and out! I believe I am right all the time! When I get this pick correct, I will try to go to sleep in a warm spot in the house for the night.


TD Wood
The wheels have come off. What a shitty November. Oh well, might as well try to finish strong.

Ohio State (-9) at Michigan: I haven’t seen a single thing to make me doubt the Buckeyes this season. They played an ugly game last weekend versus Penn State and still won comfortably. They’re offense is as dangerous as there is. Their defense has Chase Young, arguably the best player in college football (he’d win the Heisman if it actually went to the nation’s best player). Michigan has steadily improved over the past few weeks, but until I see the Buckeyes lose, I’m going with them.

Alabama (-3.5) at Auburn: Any other year and this game would scare the shit out of me as a Bama fan. The Auburn hoodoo at Jordan-Hare is some next level lucky horseshoe up their ass shit. But this year’s team is different, and the circumstances are different. For one, the game doesn’t hold any stakes for the Tigers. No division title to play for, no playoff hopes. Of bigger importance, their offense is not very good. Bo Nix is an inconsistent freshman. The running game isn’t its usual high octane self. Their front seven is as good as it gets, but Bama’s O-line is coming on at the right time, and Najee Harris has taken over the offense at a perfect time for Mac Jones. The Tide defense still has something to prove, and a big rivalry game against a struggling QB is a prime opportunity. I like the Tide to lean on Harris and a quick passing game to their outstanding WR corps, and pull away in the second half.

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State (+13): The Sooners have really struggled since their loss to Kansas State. Yes, they had the big comeback against Baylor, but two things: Baylor is crazy overrated and if the Sooners fell behind like that against a team with a good offense, it’s over. Oklahoma State has that offense. If they can come out on fire and get up on the Sooners, look out. Their has its own problems, and I’m not saying their a lock to win. But I love this line in this game. Let Bedlam ensue.

Note: All games are Against the Spread. Odds are taken from the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook.

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