Taking It Down Podcast – Episode 15 – The Outsider and 1917

Messiah, The Outsider, and 1917 all here!

Here’s a hot one! We’ve got some things going on in this episode of Taking It Down. First off, Adam Morrow lets listeners in on the glory of Pluto TV (1:40) before he and Blaine wrap up a brief, spoiler-free discussion on the Netflix show Messiah (4:54). After that, they do a deep dive into the first two episodes of the new HBO thriller The Outsider which is currently airing (7:39). Keep in mind that the talk will spoil those first two episodes of The Outsider.

After the break, Blaine sits down with Donovan Reinwald and they talk about the Sam Mendes film 1917 (33:40) that’s currently in theaters. At the end of their discussions, they give some cursory thoughts on the Best Picture nominations for this year’s Academy Awards (55:06).



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Host: Blaine Duncan

Guests: Adam Morrow, Donovan Reinwald

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