Taking It Down Podcast – Episode 16 – What Did Jack Do? and Netflix’s Cheer

What Did Jack Do? Who knows!?

Here’s where you’ll sort through all of the entertainment options on television this week. Taking It Down is back with some takes from host Blaine Duncan and co-host Adam Morrow! First up, we help out with some of the clues from recent episodes of The Outsider and talk about how it is proceeding over on HBO (1:26). Then Blaine and Adam do a deep dive into the world of David Lynch — it’s a strange one — specifically, the new Lynch Netflix movie What Did Jack Do? (13:50).

After the break, Blaine is joined by Kelly Duncan and first-time guest Jaimee Hannah converge for a discussion about the new Netflix docu-series Cheer (34.10). What is it that makes this documentary so great? Find out here if it is for you.


Give us a shout (or a cheer?) and let us know what you think about The Outsider, What Did Jack Do? or Cheer!

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Host: Blaine Duncan

Guests: Adam Morrow, Kelly Duncan, Jaimee Hannah

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