Taking It Down Podcast – Episode 19 – Coronavirus, Show Finales, Devs, and The Plot Against America

It’s a king-sized episode for this episode of Taking It Down! And only one day late!

In Episode Nineteen, host Blaine Duncan talks with co-host Adam Morrow about life and entertainment during the coronavirus and what that means for smaller operations, particularly bands who function off of merch sales and touring (1:18).

Then they discuss their thoughts on the recent finales of HBO’s The Outsider (13:28) and the documentary series McMillion$ (26:38) both of which recently concluded. Should there be more?

Just before the break, they answer the question: is Quibi worth it? And what is Quibi? (33:08)

After the break, it’s an in-depth talk about the first two episodes of the FX on Hulu show Devs (42:24), where they explain its wonder. And on Monday, HBO aired its first episode of The Plot Against America (1:03:23).

To end, they gather some recommendations for binge watching while we all wait out the pandemic (1:15:26).


What did we forget? Let us know! Also, tell us your thoughts on  The Outsider, McMillion$, Devs, and The Plot Against America.

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Host: Blaine Duncan

Cohost: Adam Morrow

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