Taking It Down Podcast – Episode 22 – Live Events Online, The Plot Against America, The Challenge, and Devs

Episode Twenty-Two covers all this and more.

In Episode Twenty-Two of Taking It Down, Blaine and Adam discuss a plethora of topics, starting with the new streaming service Quibi and why the hell it exists (3:14). They shift from that into something that’s more likely worth your time: live and free music events online during the quarantine (6:11). The guys give a quick update on the Morrow Movie Marathon, and it’s a sad one (12:30). Then it’s an in-depth breakdown of HBO’s boiling The Plot Against America with its Episode Three (13:40). Before the break, they discuss why they’ll be talking about the Netflix show Unorthodox next week (23:38).

After the break, Blaine and Adam talk about the long-lasting MTV show The Challenge and its first episode of the thirty-fifth season (31:20)! Lastly, it’s all about the FX/Hulu Devs Episode Six and where the show may be going in its final stretch (47:54).



We hope our podcast helps during your time of being stuck at home.

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Host: Blaine Duncan

Cohost: Adam Morrow

3 comments on “Taking It Down Podcast – Episode 22 – Live Events Online, The Plot Against America, The Challenge, and Devs

  1. 87 Jetta

    Thanks for another great installment, fellas. Helping keep me sane during these bizarre times. Stay safe!

    Liked by 1 person

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