Taking It Down Podcast – Episode 26 – Parks & Rec, The Last Dance, and Hulu’s Normal People

The folks at Taking It Down are back for the Cinco de Mayo celebration that you’re likely having in your quiet abode. This week, Donovan Reinwald joins host Blaine Duncan and co-host Adam Morrow. They check in with one another and discuss what’s been rediscovered for each of them during isolation (2:04). Then, Donovan brings up some great points about the new Della Ray album, which has a single out today (7:57). The guys then discuss the amazing simplicity of the most recent special Parks & Rec episode (23:41) before wrapping up a few brief thoughts on the HBO show Run (31:12) and what Ken Burns has to say about the ESPN docu-series The Last Dance (32:27).

After the break, it’s an entire segment devoted to the quiet, thoughtful Hulu show Normal People (41:50). Is it worth your time? Listen to find out!

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Host: Blaine Duncan

Cohost: Adam Morrow

Guest: Donovan Reinwald

2 comments on “Taking It Down Podcast – Episode 26 – Parks & Rec, The Last Dance, and Hulu’s Normal People

  1. 87 Jetta

    Thanks for the shoutout and addressing my question from last week, guys! Wholeheartedly agree about Ken Burns. I think simple bitterness is the reason for his animosity toward The Last Dance. For nearly 30 years, Burns has been the undisputed “master” of the American documentary series, and deservedly so. But along comes TLD, soaring in popularity, and he just can’t stand it. It may not be a true Burns-type journalistic work, but it’s super entertaining and certainly makes this 39 year-old nostalgic for the 80’s and 90’s and the biggest sports star of that era.


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