Taking It Down Podcast – Episode 32 – Perry Mason, I May Destroy You, and Da 5 Bloods

It’s the thirty-second episode of Taking It Down, and host Blaine Duncan is joined by co-host Adam Morrow and Donovan Reinwald. We’re here this week to give you our thoughts on the new HBO series Perry Mason (4:08) and why, perhaps, it may be worth your time. Also, we discuss the other new HBO show that’s caught our eye: I May Destroy You (24:50). At the end of the show, we break down what we liked and didn’t like with the new Spike Lee joint Da 5 Bloods (36:26), which is now on Netflix.

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We at Taking It Down want to let you know what we think is worth your time (and not) with pop culture, including television, movies, books, music, and beyond. Let us know what you think! Add a comment or find us online. 

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Host: Blaine Duncan

Cohost: Adam Morrow

Guest: Donovan Reinwald

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