Taking It Down Podcast – Episode 36 – Taylor Swift’s Surprise and The Vast of Night

This is Taking It Down, the pop culture podcast from the gang at The Alabama Take! This week Blaine and Adam are joined by frequent guest Donovan Reinwald. In the first half of the podcast, they try to pinpoint the actions of covid to no avail (1:20). Then the guys talk about the surprise album folklore from Taylor Swift and they have takes (3:59)! Does it sit somewhere in the albums of the year thus far (27:34)? They also have deep thoughts and reflection on the midpoint of the Michaela Coel-helmed HBO series I May Destroy You (28:33).

After the break, the three of them heap praise on the 2020 film The Vast of Night which is available to stream on Amazon Prime and is directed by Andrew Patterson (40:33). Is it worth your time? Listen to see!


Our goal at Taking It Down is to have fun while letting you know what we think is worth your time (and not) with pop culture, including television, movies, books, music, and beyond! Let us know what you think, how you found us, what we’ve missed, or a simple hello.

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Below are the links to the Twitter accounts of the hosts.

Host: Blaine Duncan

Cohost: Adam Morrow

Guest: Donovan Reinwald

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