Taking It Down Podcast – Episode 37 – Bob Dylan’s Rough and Rowdy Ways and Netflix’s Last Chance U

It’s this week’s episode of Taking It Down, the pop culture podcast from the gang at The Alabama Take! On today’s episode, it’s an exciting one! Blaine and Adam are joined by frequent guest Donovan Reinwald. In the first half of the podcast, it’s more and more about that rascally covid (3:02). They get into a kind review left for the podcast from a gracious user (7:18) before they begin a deep dive into Bob Dylan’s new masterpiece Rough and Rowdy Ways (14:26).

During the break, the guys point out that you can now support the podcast financially by visiting BuyMeACoffee.com/TheAlabamaTake which will help keep the site and various podcasts up and running! And don’t forget that we have t-shirts and face masks in the Shop section of the website until Friday, August 7th so hurry!

In the back half of the podcast, the guys talk about the amazing Netflix docu-series Last Chance U and how it shines a light on so many socio-economic problems in American life without getting preachy (1:01:51).

This was truly a fun one! Make sure you listen!




Our goal at Taking It Down is to have fun while letting you know what we think is worth your time (and not) with pop culture, including television, movies, books, music, and beyond! Let us know what you think, how you found us, what we’ve missed, or a simple hello.

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Host: Blaine Duncan

Cohost: Adam Morrow

Guest: Donovan Reinwald

2 comments on “Taking It Down Podcast – Episode 37 – Bob Dylan’s Rough and Rowdy Ways and Netflix’s Last Chance U

  1. 87 Jetta

    Couple of episodes in on the latest season of Last Chance U and I’m glad that Netflix chose to focus on an urban, California junior college with an overall atmosphere so strikingly different from that shown in the earlier seasons at Scooba and Independence. For some reason, California junior colleges are not affiliated with the NJCAA, and from what I have gathered, the overall talent level at a school like Laney is nothing like an East Mississippi, which regularly churns through blue chip prospects and major D-I transfers. Two episodes in and the only reference to a major conference program is Oregon State, where Laney’s top prospect, Rejzohn Wright, ends up signing.

    As y’all discussed, it’s easy to become a fan of Dior Walker-Scott. What an incredible story. Whereas in previous seasons, the players were largely coddled and babysat on their respective campuses, that’s clearly not the case here.

    So far, I actually kinda like Coach Beam. He’s pretty much the most “Oakland” guy ever, with the Al Davis haircut and the ‘stache that would’ve fit right in with the Charlie Finley-era A’s. I couldn’t stand Buddy Stevens from Scooba, and Independence’s Jason Brown was just as insufferable. Maybe I won’t change my mind about Beam. We shall see!

    Looking forward to the next one, fellas!


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