Taking It Down Podcast – Episode 43 – I’m Thinking Of Ending Things and Blow The Man Down

When times are tough and the going is rough, count on Taking It Down

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Don’t miss out! Coming soon is the first question-and-answer episode of Taking It Down where you, the avid listener, can email or submit online your pop culture (or beyond) questions to the crew; they’ll answer, and you’ll get a shout out. Email us here or find us on social media to send in any ideas.

You won’t want to miss this episode as the guys do a breakdown of some of the happenings in the new Charlie Kaufman movie I’m Thinking Of Ending Things, which is on Netflix (11:52). You can listen to that segment without spoilers until the 16:16 mark in the podcast. They also discuss the 2019 film Blow The Man Down, which is on Amazon Prime (39:49). The spoilers for Blow The Man Down don’t begin until the 41:03 mark.

The guys also talk about some important announcements related to the show and the website (0:23), the football hijinks in the world of Covid (4:09), the trailer for The Mandalorian and why they don’t care too much (6:54), the more promising season of Fargo (9:41), and a shoutout to a new listener (39:26). Jump in and have fun!

Don’t forget about the upcoming book club episode on October 27th where we’ll have read the literary horror piece The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones as well as our mailbag episode on September 29th.

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