This Song Sucks Episode 10

"I Disappear" by Metallica

Guest host Bryce Montgomery joins Josh and Hayden for a supersized episode tearing apart Metallica’s “I Disappear.” Known primarily as the song that sunk Napster, we think it should also be known as a shitty song by a once-great band.

Josh thinks the song is boring because it doesn’t really have a chorus, Hayden thinks the guitar solo might be played better by a child, and Bryce points out that the video was shot without permission on ground sacred to a Native tribe.

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Episode 0110: "I Disappear" by Metallica This Song Sucks

This wraps up Season 1 of This Song Sucks, thanks so much for listening! We’ll be back this summer for another season filled with new guests, old favorites, and plenty of burger talk from Hayden. Stay tuned for some bonus episodes in the meantime.

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