Short Takes: Musician Matt Patton

Short Takes with Matt Patton

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Short Takes with musician and Dial Back Sound Studio owner Matt Patton

It’s a fantastic musician on Short Takes this week, as Matt Patton (Model Citizen, Dexateens, Drive-by Truckers, and more) takes some time to discuss the possibility of some Model Citizen tunes coming out, what band practice is or is not for the Truckers, his work with his studio Dial Back Sound, the upcoming Williamson Brothers album that was recorded recently, the idea of a higher power, what is good about the U.S. despite its flaws, and what is done up real good for him of late.

For even more information from the interview, visit Matt Patton’s Dial Back Sound website and Instagram pages. For the Williamson Brothers album, out on June 18th and recorded at Dial Back Sound, visit the link here.

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