Taking It Down 81: Tennis, Metrograph, I Think You Should Leave, No Sudden Move, and Loki

Lots to talk about this week!

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It’s a full slate this week! Taking It Down begins with some loose talk about tennis, namely the hours of Wimbledon watched this week (1:27) before sliding into a new streaming service called Metrograph from New York City itself (9:07). It’s where Adam watched the documentary The French, which he recounts some here.

After a quick note on the Netflix series Somos. (13:36), the entire crew talk about the specific hilarity of the Netflix show from Tim Robinson I Think You Should Leave, which debuted its second season this week (14:55). They then break down the new Steven Soderbergh film on HBO Max No Sudden Move (22:41).

To wrap, things get as crazy as the penultimate episode of Loki as Natalie joins in and she and Donovan rap about various Lokis and the possible ending (37:12).

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1 comment on “Taking It Down 81: Tennis, Metrograph, I Think You Should Leave, No Sudden Move, and Loki

  1. 87 Jetta

    Like Adam, I too watched as much of the Wimbledon fortnight as possible despite knowing full well that the bad guy was going to win it all. Sure there was some tiny glimmer of hope that Federer might have enough left in the tank to take back the crown, or that some lesser-known talent might pull off the stunning upset. Nope. We are witnessing the greatest career in the history of the sport, but nobody wants to acknowledge it because Djokovic is so universally despised. Fair or not, we haven’t seen a “villain” dominate a sport like he is since Barry Bonds.

    Liked by 1 person

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