This Song Sucks Season 1 Bonus Episode 2

These Songs Slap Vol. 1

On this very special bonus episode of This Song Sucks, Josh and Hayden talk about songs they like! The boys analyze Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” and Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know,” pointing out the things in these songs that set them apart from the typical pop nonsense they usually tear apart. Fans of the show’s usual snark need not fear: there’s still plenty of tomfoolery in this one and Hayden has his usual slate of internet commentary to pore through.

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Leave us a review on the apps if you’re so inclined. Josh enjoys reading the opinions of strangers, especially if said opinion is negative in nature.

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for insights into the way Hayden’s mind works. Please direct all comments, song suggestions, and hate mail to thissongsuckspod@gmail.com. If you write something that tickles us, we may even feature it on a future episode.

Episode 0112: Bonus – These Songs Slap Vol.1 This Song Sucks

Production on Season 2 continues in earnest, so stay tuned for those episodes to drop soon.

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