Short Takes: Musician Daisy of the Dead Deads

Short Takes with Daisy of The Dead Deads

Short Takes is back with Episode Fifteen.

Short Takes with musician Daisy from The Dead Deads

It’s a don’t-miss episode this week on Short Takes as Blaine welcomes Daisy from the Nashville-based band The Dead Deads. The Dead Deads are hugely popular and have a devoted group of followers whom are lovingly called the Dead Corps. Daisy, who plays bass and sings, comments on their music, how the band writes, working with Corey Taylor of Slipknot for a recent song, the upcoming tour with Candlebox, the band’s excited fanbase, sexism in music and how they deal with it, the afterlife and what’s to come, wasting potential, and what’s done up real good. This is an excellent talk from a wonderful artist. The Dead Deads are already big, but the sky’s the limit. 

To pre-order the new album, visit The Dead Deads’ website. The Dead Deads are active on social media so follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They’ll be coming to a town near you as they begin their tour this August. Be sure to follow The Dead Deads!

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