Short Takes: Host Paul Finebaum

Short Takes with Paul Finebaum

Season One of Short Takes rolls into Episode Seventeen!

Short Takes with host of The Paul Finebaum Show and SEC Nation Paul Finebaum

Either you love him or you love to hate him: it’s the ESPN and SEC Network host and commentator Paul Finebaum in the guest chair — just in time for the college football season — for this week’s episode of Short Takes! For the episode, Paul discusses how hectic things can get both in the off season and during the season, how he maintains his schedule, his excitement for the 2021 football season, what college football love says about the South, why he could get angry, maintenance of a private and public life, and what’s done up real good for him. Lastly, Paul ponders if he has another book left in him.

For more, visit Paul’s Twitter feed, Facebook page, and Instagram page as well as check out his work with ESPN and the SEC Network.

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2 comments on “Short Takes: Host Paul Finebaum

  1. Anonymous

    Loved this one Blaine- excellent interview!!


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