Short Takes: Surfer Garrett McNamara

Short Takes with Garrett McNamara

Short Takes with surfer Garrett McNamara

Only a few can say that they are legends in their field. Garrett McNamara can say it and no one will argue. And to be such a legend, he has a truly kind spirit. That kindness and more is revealed in this week’s episode of Short Takes, where Garrett talks about a step in human evolution he would like to see, how he hasn’t conquered fear, the importance of family, teases about season two of the excellent HBO series 100 Foot Wave (the first season is now on HBO Max), and what’s done up real good for him. It’s a fascinating interview with an equally fascinating person.

For Garrett’s information, visit his website here and his Instagram here as well as his Facebook page. Treat yourself to wonder, awe, and an excellent story with the HBO Max show 100 Foot Wave if you haven’t already!

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