Takes on College Football: Against the Spread, Week Seven

It's our weekly coverage of college football against the spread!

Seven: the number of completeness and perfection; tied to god’s creation of things; important in many religions; we have got to get our shit together. 


2021 ATS Record
Blaine Duncan: 9-8-1 (Week Six: 1-2)
TD Wood: 8-10 (Week Six: 1-2)

Blaine Duncan
My stronger guilt does not defeat my strong intent here, though it should. I’m starting to look like a joke. But on the bright side to readers, you know where not to bet any cash. Oh, that sweet, sweet cash. What’s it like, dear cash, to hold you in mine hands? 

Florida (-11.5) at LSU — Coach O may not last until the end of the season. Florida is looking at an earnest attempt to get to the SEC Championship Game. LSU recently lost one of the best players on the whole team when Eli Ricks went out for the year. All that, and it’s a 11:00 A.M. kickoff: not quite the hour for Tiger Stadium to be making the ground shake. The Gators win by 16 points. 

Oklahoma State at Texas (-4) — In another noon kickoff, the Longhorns host the Cowboys. I see this one as Sark getting all of his cattle in a row and getting a clear victory over a lesser opponent. I know what the experts would lead you to believe, but I like the line a lot because I’m seeing Texas win by 12 at least; it seems low. 

TCU (+13.5) at Oklahoma — Picking road teams to show up in the Big 12 does make me question my decisions, but I think Oklahoma’s doubts at their two good (maybe great?) quarterbacks doesn’t bode well. And though you’re only supposed to pick the dogs if you think they can win outright, I’m not calling for the Frogs to get the upset. I still see Oklahoma winning here. The win, though, will be by a mere field goal for a rough victory instead of the two touchdowns needed for the cover. 



TD Wood
Look, let’s just not talk about last week. Moving forward.

Michigan State (-4.5) at Indiana — The Hoosiers have been terribly underwhelming this season, and the Spartans are having a great rebound season behind the running of Heisman candidate Kenneth Walker III. They should win this one before a huge matchup with arch-rival Michigan in two weeks.

Ole Miss (-2.5) at Tennessee — Only 2.5? Really? I know everyone is hyped about the Vols because they’ve scored a lot of points against Missouri and South Carolina, but they also gave up a lot to the two worthwhile teams they’ve played (and lost both of those games). This might very well be a shootout, but the Rebels should win comfortably in the end.

*Game of the Week* Kentucky (+22.5) at Georgia — I honestly have no idea about this one. Georgia will probably win by 40 because I’m picking Kentucky, but if I pick Georgia the Cats will pull the upset. Or so I’ve convinced myself. But Kentucky does like to make things ugly, and Georgia starting Stetson Bennett has to bite them in the ass at some point, right? I feel like this will be a low scoring, ugly game, reminiscent of those mid-2000s SEC tilts everyone loved to bitch about so much.


Note: All games are Against the Spread. Odds are taken from the MGM Sportsbook.

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