Taking It Down 92: Dune, Halloween Suggestions, and Midnight Mass

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Taking It Down this week begins with some customary college football talk, especially with all those overtimes (1:53), before moving into even more discussion on the fourth episode from the excellent Netflix show Midnight Mass (6:52). Everyone then gives some recommendations on what’s made them afraid in movies, television, books, songs, and even video games (11:34). Listen to help plan your Halloween viewing and listening. It was odd not to be a podcast not talking about HBO’s Succession, so we decided how that happened (34:18). Then, Donovan and Adam proclaim their love for Wes Anderson movies as The French Dispatch releases though Blaine feels left out (36:51).

After the break, they celebrate a return of Curb Your Enthusiasm before they break down what worked for Dune (44:49).

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