Takes on College Football: Against the Spread, Week Eleven

It's our weekly coverage of college football against the spread!

By my troth, I care not; a man can die but once; we owe God a death and let it go which way it will. Welcome to the weekly, against-the-spread picks on college football from two of the website’s worst bettors. It’s our best (worst?) guess on the best bets with the least stress.


2021 ATS Record
Blaine Duncan: 13-16-1 (Week Ten: 2-1)
TD Wood: 14-16 (Week Ten: 1-2)

Blaine Duncan

I’ll pick who I think will win and by how many points. That’s what I will do. Now let me do it. 

Mississippi State at Auburn (-5.5) — Early game. Tigers will beat Dawgs. Tigers will win by 6. Bo Nix may or may not throw a good pass. Them’s the days we have now. The Tigers are at home. 

Stanford at Oregon State (-12.5) — Bold? Eh. The Beavers do have the running game with Baylor at RB. Stanford can’t get the results at all. They’ll lose by two touchdowns and two PATs. 

Notre Dame (-5) at Virginia — It’s under question about Virginia’s QB, but I like that the Fightin’ Irish are really wanting in that College Football Playoff again. Another loss won’t do it. 


TD Wood
I don’t know what to tell you, folks. Here we go again.

*Game of the week* Oklahoma at Baylor (+5.5) — A little of the sheen came off of this one when Baylor lost to TCU last week, but this is still a big one for the Sooners and Big 12’s CFP hopes. They’ve been much better since making the switch at QB, but Waco is a weird place and the Bears D is legit.

Georgia at Tennessee (+20) –Might as well try something crazy, right?

Purdue (+20.5) at Ohio State — The upset is less likely after the Boilermakers pulled one last week over Michigan State, but this year has been crazy and no one is safe. The Buckeyes might fuck around and give the fan base a scare before winning by two scores.

Note: All games are Against the Spread. Odds are taken from the MGM Sportsbook.

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