Taking It Down 99: SEC Championship, New Hawkeye Episode, and More Beatles: Get Back Talk

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For Taking It Down‘s 99th (!) episode, Blaine, Adam, And Donovan start with some adamant talk about both the SEC Championship Game and the dissection of the Alabama fanbase (1:25). We also celebrate our winners of the inaugural College Football Pick ‘Em (8:48). Should we do the Bowl Pick ‘Em? Let us know!

Natalie joins the show and helps dissect what’s right with the most recent episode of Hawkeye from Disney+ and what’s wrong with it (13:22). She also offers up her worries about the upcoming movie Spider-Man: No Way Home (27:24).

After the break, Adam is back to point out some of the more granular aspects of the documentary series The Beatles: Get Back and discusses why it’s a fantastic show (32:48).

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Our 99th episode!

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2 comments on “Taking It Down 99: SEC Championship, New Hawkeye Episode, and More Beatles: Get Back Talk

  1. The breakdown of the Alabama fan base and its various subsets (most of which I detest) has led me to examine my own standing within said subsets. My years in Tuscaloosa coincided with Dennis and the Mikes, so I very much appreciate the magnificance of the Saban era and by no means would I ever take it for granted. On the other hand, I am very much guilty of falling into Blaine’s subset of internet fans who give the middle finger to those who dare to question the Tide’s greatness. It’s childish and ridiculous and embarrassing and pointless and I shall endeavour to quit…at some point.

    I will admit that I did not expect the absolute curb-stomping that was the SEC Championship Game. That performance just shows you what the insane amount of talent on the roster can accomplish when they execute a sound game plan and avoid a bunch of undisciplined mistakes (yet the beatdown of UGA was so thorough despite several of such mistakes from the secondary). For the second half of the season, this team did an excellent job of playing down to the level of its opponents. Fortunately, the sheer advantage in talent was ultimately able to make the difference in the end and avoid any further losses (the Texas A&M debacle very easily could’ve been a win for Alabama despite four quarters of sloppiness bordering on ineptitude on the defensive side). Against UGA, Bama came to play. Bryce Young was at his greatest in shredding the vaunted Georgia defense. It was beautiful, and no doubt one of the best wins of the Saban era.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve debated doing a written piece on the fanbase and all of its subsets, but I haven’t had the time to mentally outline all of them. I covered a few there, but that’s not comprehensive. I’m fine with a lot of those folks in the categories, save for the ones who think that they — not the team — are better than others. You definitely don’t fall into that category!

      The SEC Championship Game shocked me, too. I guess I said it on the show: I just didn’t see anything that would warrant me picking Bama, but now I do! Shame on me, for sure! Roll Tide!


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