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Best of 2021: Pop Culture

Host of This Song Sucks breaks down the year in pop culture.

Host of This Song Sucks Josh Kavanaugh doesn’t just hate (some) songs. Apparently he has it out for a lot of culture in 2021. Below is his Best Worst of 2021 List, which likely accounts for why he “isn’t well liked.”

Don’t shoot! Josh doesn’t mean it!

Top Marvel Properties That Should Go Away
1. All of them; all of them are tied for first place. Fuck these people, stop making this shit. Why would anyone want to continue giving money to Jeremy Renner?

Josh Kavanaugh has never seen a single episode

Top Seven Game of Thrones Characters (as viewed by someone who hasn’t watched a single episode)
1. Whoever Peter Dinklage plays (because it’s Peter fucking Dinklage)
2. Boromir
3. The Lady Who Has the Dragons (or who has sex with the dragons, still unclear on this one)
4. The Guy Who Can Only Say His Own Name (I know it’s either Hagrid, Hogdor, or Groot)
5. John Snow (because I know I’ve heard people say that name in my office break room several times)
6. Those Ice Dudes That Look Like Darth Maul (but, you know, different because they are blue instead of red)
7. George R.R. Martin (frolicking in a giant swimming pool of cash as he laughs at how angry everyone was about the ending of the television series)

Just give us more Jared Harris, please and thank you

Top Three Streaming Services
1. Whichever one currently has the most Jared Harris vehicles
2. Whichever one currently has the most David Tennant vehicles
3. Tubi………………………………….. jk, what the fuck is this even?

Does this look like the design of overlords?

Top Two Reasons to Delete Your Spotify Account
1. Those Wrapped things are stupid. Nobody cares that your top “moods” for the year were “angst” and “chill vibes.” Read a book and get a personality.
2. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek announced an investment of 100 million euros and his joining the board of German artificial intelligence company Helsing, which claims that their goal is to “…achieve global technology leadership in real-time information processing, turning unstructured sensor data into information advantage for democratic governments.” Sounds really nice, but the company is run by a bunch of former German and British military intelligence officers, so my guess is their website should probably say something more like, “Our ambition is to use the vast wealth of personal data made available by tech companies to make it easier for your government to spy on you, all the while stuffing our pockets with the huge wads of cash given to us by venture capitalists and the Pentagon. Also, fuck Palestine, because you know that Israel is getting a huge stiffy just thinking about all the cool shit we can do for them.”

This Song Sucks is an Alabama Take podcast. Find it in any podcast app, including, yes, Spotify.

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