From the Vault: The Alabama Take Original Podcast 1 – Louisa Murray from The Bear

From the Vault: The Original Alabama Take Podcast Episodes

Welcome to From the Vault, which will feature an old episode of the original Alabama Take podcast, exclusive now to The Alabama Take YouTube channel or the Alabama Take website itself. Please enjoy listening back with these episodes from host Corey Hannah. And hear more from Corey as he talks up pro-wrestling in his new podcast, Alabama Slam.

This is the episode that started it all, way back when. The original description of it was primarily about The Bear and mostly extracted from their artist page at Single Lock Records: once based in the Shoals area of North Alabama, the band The Bear began as a couple, but gradually added an ensemble of multi-instrumentalists. Kyle Minckler, Ben Stedman, Daniel Stoddard, and Ben Tanner have all once accompanied Murray and The Bear, rotating on drums, upright and electric basses, guitar, pedal steel, banjo, ukulele, flute, and a variety of keyboards and percussion instruments. The result is a widely varied yet beautiful sound that is difficult to pigeonhole. It’s a timeless sound. The band’s sophomore album, Overseas Then Under, was recorded primarily in the band’s home, giving them unprecedented freedom to experiment and explore new sonic landscapes without the pressures of a ticking studio clock. The album is still one of the best from Alabama’s new century.

Listen to the podcast via the video below:

The original picture from the day of the recording
The Bear

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