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We Are A Star War podcast – Teaser

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Hello there! And welcome to our brand new podcast called We Are A Star War. We hope to update often with new episodes as new Star Wars material is being released more frequently these days. In the teaser, you’ll learn a little about the three of us and what are plans are for the future of the show.

Do we know everything there is to know about Star Wars? No, we don’t. But we have a damn good time talking about it, so we figured we’d do something with it. We hope you’ll subscribe in your favorite podcast app or listen here whenever we release. You can also find us on Facebook or on Instagram.

We Are A Star War is a part of The Alabama Take family of podcasts. Hear more and read more at TheAlabamaTake.com. Follow The Alabama Take for full site news on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and TikTok. And if you really enjoy the show or shows, hit up the site click “Donate” or “Shop” and find yourself something nice!

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