Taking It Down: What Makes ‘Beef’ on Netflix So Delicious

Taking It Down is the Alabama Take's pop culture discussion podcast. Be sure to use the timestamps for the various segments to avoid any spoilers.

Blaine is joined by special guest and staff writer for The Alabama Take, Ty Edmondson, who is here to talk solely about why Beef is one of the better shows of the year. This week’s show is broken into thoughts without spoilers (2:11) and then analysis with spoilers for all ten episodes (17:22).

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3 comments on “Taking It Down: What Makes ‘Beef’ on Netflix So Delicious

  1. There was a trailer for this. Do you feel it does BEEF justice?
    My sister was not all that impressed with the trailer, I trust her judgment but also believe in giving benefit of the doubt. Both my sister and I are Asian and it seems there may be some traumas that some viewers resonate with that are rampant in the Asian (Korean, Japanese, possibly Chinese) culture.

    I appreciate your podcast. It takes collaboration and thought to bring podcast episodes to fruition. I have co-created podcasts and also created my own podcast. Kudos to your podcast and I hope you all to continue creating podcasts for The Alabama Take.


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