Author: TD Wood

I'm an opinionated asshole who's not afraid to voice his position on anything. I'm a little hippie & a little hood. A redneck-nerd who grew up in Baltimore but latched on to my Southern roots. I'm a decade-plus veteran of the restaurant industry, I've held every position you can save for owning one. I love sports, music, literature, comic books, TV, pro wrestling, movies and dogs. I do not love the bad versions of all those things. I will fight you if you say anything cross about Waylon Jennings or Randy Savage.
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Takin’ on Sports: RIVALRY WEEK

A true rivalry leaves no room for such nobility. No, the best rivalries are those where the two teams can’t stand the mere mention of the other, and sometimes the need to curb your rival’s success outweighs your own lofty aspirations. Hate outside of sports is a vile thing, but within the realm of sports, hate is poetry in its finest form.