Nonfiction November

I have to admit, when it comes to choice, I'm going to pick fiction over nonfiction every time. Usually, I have to make myself read it. When I do, I like it (shocking, I know).

What I need in a nonfiction book is usually the same thing I need in fiction- empathetic characters and an intriguing storyline.

Currently for nonfiction November, I'm reading Jefferson: Architect of American Liberty for my Presidents challenge and Skirts: Fashioning Modern Femininity in the Twentieth Century.

They are ok so far, but I want to talk about my favorite nonfiction. Here are my top 5:

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks- if you love history but also know how much history can make you scream because you know of how bad things happened to those without power, OH BOY, is this the book for you.

The Secret Lives of Color- a book about the history of color? Yes and it's fascinating! You'll come away with a new favorite color.

Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption- Another hard but necessary read and with a setting in Alabama, it should be taught in all Alabama colleges.

So You've Been Publicly Shamed- With the talk of being "canceled" and whatever that means, this books discusses different stories of people who...basically effs up for the whole world to see online and whether they deserve the backlash they got. Very interesting and it's a 7 year old book and still very relevant.

Savor: A Chef's Hunger for More- This book was both heartbreaking and beautiful. It will make you cry and hungry, all at the same time.


What nonfiction do you read or recommend?

I also want to highlight two bookish apps that I've been using this month- Fable and PangoBooks.

Fable is an app that makes it easier for book clubs. I am wrapping up one right now and I want to start one with my friends soon. It looks like this in Apple:

PangoBooks is a market place for readers to buy and sell used books. Maybe you don't feel comfortable giving Amazon all that money, well here is an alternative. Here is a link to my store-

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Laura Lott
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