Short Takes: Musician Beth Hataway Veres of Electric Blue Yonder

Short Takes with musician Beth Hataway Veres of Electric Blue Yonder

Beth Hataway Veres helps front the eclectic and versatile band Electric Blue Yonder, who find themselves several albums deep now and a quickly growing fanbase. On this, the season finale of Short Takes, Beth talks songwriting, changes in music locally and nationally, touring in a converted van, what people take for granted, and what's done up real good (hint: it involves children's music)! Be sure to check it out and follow Electric Blue Yonder for their releases and tour dates.

You can find the Electric Blue Yonder homepage here, their Twitter here, their Instagram here, and their Facebook page here. Most importantly, perhaps, is their YouTube channel, which is full of visually striking videos and can be found here.

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Blaine Duncan
Blaine Duncan
Editor-In-Chief, Host of Taking It Down