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The Bengals face the Titans this Sunday in Nashville.

2022 ATS Record
Blaine Duncan:
26-21 (Week Twelve: 2-2)
TD Wood: 24-23 (Week Twelve: 1-3)

Blaine Duncan 
Yeah, back down to the ground. Let's shoot for some winners this week and get on solid ground for championships to call the season here an end.

Auburn (+22) at Alabama -- It brings me no pleasure to type the following: Alabama will drop this game to Auburn, which will leave Tiger fans both elated and confused: is Cadillac the man for the future? Do they continue down the path with Lane? Cordell Williams has made a mental impact on the Auburn Tigers, and with players at that age, sometimes that's all they need. They're playing to a higher standard now and it shows. Do they have the weapons to beat an Alabama team? Likely not, but Alabama is still hanging on, winning games in the last minute. At best for bettors, the Tigers make this one a game. Don't be shy: drop your hundred here, folks. Twenty-two points in this game is a lot.

LSU (-10) at Texas A&M -- It's just a matter of trending teams here, and this set of Tigers are looking down the barrel of an excellent season despite the Brian Kelly doubters to begin the season. Jimbo -- and by default, the Aggies -- have been a joke. LSU should get a two-touchdown victory and set themselves up for an SEC Championship attempt.

Notre Dame at USC (-5.5) -- What are the reasons why the Irish fly across the country and beat a well-built, well-oiled, and well-running machine like the Trojans have going? Games like that happen week to week in college football, but I don't see this one being an upset. I like Coach Riley to have a talented USC ready to go.

NFL Game of the Week: Bengals at Titans (+3) -- With several games already played due to Thanksgiving, it was hard to narrow one down. I'm committed to this one, though. The Titans have had more time off, and the NFL teams tend to do a lot better with rest. I also prefer home dogs in almost all situations.


TD Wood
Right winners, at least? The gambling gods put me in my place, but I stand by my picks. Time to rebound.

Army (-20) at UMass -- The Black Knights of the Hudson are going to show Texas A&M how to cover against UMass.

Kansas at Kansas State (-11.5) -- The Jayhawks were a nice story, and they'll go to a bowl, but the Wildcats clinch a spot in the Big 12 title game with a win. State will take care of business en route to a rematch with TCU.

Notre Dame at USC (Over 64.5) -- The Irish have found their offense, and the Trojan defense is none too keen on stopping opponents from scoring. Think we're gonna see a lot of fireworks in this one.

NFL Game of the Week: Texans at Dolphins (-14) -- The Texans are in full tank mode, aiming to get that top pick and QB of the future. The Dolphins are gettings better every week, and have a shot to steal the AFC East from the Bills. Tyreek Hill continues his march towards a record-breaking receiving season.

* * *

Note: All games are Against the Spread. Odds are taken from the Caesar's Sportsbook.