Taking Bets: Week 10 - One Step Up, Two Steps Back

The weekly betting column is here, but don't forget that TD and Greg break down all the big sports happenings on Mondays with the podcast Takin' On Sports, which can be found in any podcast app or streamed from this site. How about a middling performance from the bettors last week? Here are the bets that no one should dare make!

2022 ATS Record
Blaine Duncan:
18-17 (Week Nine: 2-2)
TD Wood: 19-16 (Week Nine: 2-2)

Blaine Duncan 
If there's one thing I can say about my life with certainty, it's that 50% of the time, I'm correct.

Kentucky (pick 'em) at Missouri -- I lost to Missouri last weekend, but this isn't just picking against the Tigers out of spite. That QB at Kentucky is good and plays well under pressure. And the Wildcats have to do is win, and I think they can get that done against Missouri, who are likely overvalued with bettors because they beat South Carolina last week.

Tennessee (+8.5) at Georgia -- There's not a lot to say beyond the idea that I like the Volunteers' chances to outright win this one and take the SEC East in full control. From a betting perspective, I like them to keep it down to the wire even if they don't win. I could see a three-point game happening.

Texas (-2.5) at Kansas State -- Texas's Robinson at running back is pretty good, and despite my love for K. State -- especially when I bet -- I think that the Longhorns go into Manhattan and get a decent win. It's not an easy place to get a win, but something tells me that Sark has them doing well enough, even though their record isn't spotless.

NFL Game of the Week: Raiders (-1.5) at Jaguars -- The Raiders haven't won a game on the road yet this season. That's 0-4, and streaks like that tend to break sooner rather than later. I'll go with the Raiders and a low line for those reasons.


TD Wood
Maybe I should just stay away from the Houston Cougars, eh? Another 2-2 week keeps me above 50%, which I'll certainly take, but I'd like a winning week.

Tennessee (+8.5) at Georgia -- As much as I hate to take the vols (no I will not capitalize that), that's too many points to turn down for a team flying as high as Tennessee is. Georgia's defense may present their toughest test yet, but I just can't picture a Dawgs blowout in this one.

Clemson (-3.5) at Notre Dame -- I did a double take when I saw this line. I know the Irish have improved as the season's gone along, but only 3.5 points? If this line were closer to a touchdown, I'd hesitate, but I love this low line for the Tigers.

Florida State at Miami (+7.5) -- This may be the dumbest thing I've done all season, but this Miami team has been chaotic, and this rivalry is all about pure chaos. Again, by every on-field metric the Seminoles should win this; but Mario Cristobal needs a big win and this rivalry always subverts expectations.

NFL Game of the Week: Dolphins (-4.5) at Bears -- Miami is just a different team when Tua Tagovailoa is on the field. The Bears tried to get Justin Fields some help by trading for Chase Claypool, but the Dolphins went out and acquired Bradley Chubb -- one of the league's best pass rushers. I like the Fins by a couple of scores.

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Note: All games are Against the Spread. Odds are taken from the Caesar's Sportsbook.

Blaine Duncan
Blaine Duncan
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TD Wood
TD Wood
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